The Top 5 Best Places to Go on a Cruise if You're Married

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The Top 5 Best Places to Go on a Cruise if You're Married.

While cruises are fun to go on as a single person, they make even better trips for couples looking to have a romantic getaway together. There’s something about the salt of the sea air and the gentle rocking of the ship that sets a passionate mood and certain locations offer the utmost opportunities for a dream vacation for you and your other half.

1. Key West, Florida

Though Key West is in the Continental US, it is still a destination you won’t travel to every day. A port that was founded by quirky, easygoing folks, Key West is ideal for a little bit of relaxation, a little bit of day drinking, and some famous attractions like the Hemingway House and the Ghost Tours. The southernmost city in the USA is also tax and duty free most places for cruisers so you can drop some more dough on your honey.

2. Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel has soared in popularity over the past 10 years and that increase is for a good reason. The city in the Gulf of Mexico has some of the most brilliant waters and gorgeous beaches just minutes away from its port. The two of you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, boat tours, and encounters with dolphins. Also, Cozumel’s downtown area is shopper’s dream with its many stores that specialize in designer brands at duty-free prices. Trust, shopping sprees are a real turn on.                                                             

3. The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii has been a favorite honeymoon destination since the early 1900s and the islands are well known as a location perfect for romance. Taking a cruise to the islands is ideal for flying there because most cruise itineraries will include several islands as opposed to just visiting one. Whether it is on the perfect beaches of Maui or at a vibrant nightclub in metropolitan capital Oahu, there will be plenty of opportunities to get lovey dovey.

4. The Greek Isles

If you are looking for a mix of incredible island life, cultural significance and magical explorations than the Greek Isles are the perfect ports for you and your partner. Enjoy the beautiful crystal waters of the Aegean Sea, immerse yourself into a welcoming culture, and tour ancient reminders of a significant civilization. If you want to up the romance, try a candle lit dinner in Greek ruins such as the Celsus Library. It will be a night the two of you will never forget! 

5. Transatlantic Cruise

This cruise isn’t so much destination based as it is all about taking a long trip away from the brothers of your outside world. A transatlantic cruise offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy each other’s company as well as the amenities of the ship. Try a couples massage, sleep in late and have brunch delivered to your room, or spend most of the day in bed (clothes off preferably). There are ports of call at the beginning and at the end of your ocean crossing but the best part is all that time that you and your sweetheart get to spend alone together.

Married couples need to get away every once in awhile to remember what it is like to be the pair they were when they first said: “I do.” These destinations are just what you and your love need to plan out an adventurous, enchanting, and wild escape.