Experience Guadeloupe’s Cuisine, Music, and Language Without Traveling


Annika Harris

Get in the ‘Loupe while quarantining at home during the coronavirus crisis.

The Guadeloupe Islands are known for their unique French Caribbean culture and landscape that spans soft white, golden, and black sandy beaches to misty mountains to spectacular waterfalls. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down travel across the world, you can still experience Guadeloupe’s cuisine, music, and language virtually. Here’s how …

Creole Cuisine

Pixabay via Pexels.com

It doesn’t get much better than bite-size comfort food when you’re watching your favorite TV series or working on your laptop. Guadeloupe’s Accras de Morue, or codfish fritters, are not only deliciously savory, but making them is also an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Tune into Guadeloupe


While you’re preparing your Accras de Morue, feel the vibes of Guadeloupe with the archipelago’s Spotify playlist, curated by Dod’, featuring the music of Stéphane Castry, Fred Deshayes, Franck Alimbaye Blade, and more. Or tune to Erik Pédurand’s YouTube channel to watch the visually stunning “Ou Ban Mwen Tout” music video and listen to more of his singles.

Say Oui to French


There’s no better time like a pandemic to learn or perfect your French using Duolingo. Although many Gaudeloupeans speak English, you’ll gain a better appreciation for their culture by communicating with them in their native language. Plus, you’ll be prepared to explore other areas of the French Caribbean, countries in Africa, and even France.