Alien Implants and Hennessy Bottle Nails: Beauty Trends No One Wanted

A. Human/Lechele Barnett

Annika Harris

We hope these bizarre beauty trends are quickly passing fads.

Trends in the beauty world are always evolving, morphing, or springing up from seemingly nowhere. While most usually aim to highlight a specific feature of the face or treat/conceal a problem area, some beauty trends become popular because they're simply bizarre. Take alien implants and Hennessy bottle nails for instance. These are definitely trends we hope are quickly passing fads.

A. Human

Alien implants were made popular by Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian-West. Both have posted the artist A. Human's prosthetics which give the illusion that their skin has been sculpted into odd shapes or jewelry. Teigen appeared to be morphing into a bird with feather-like protrusions highlighting her breastplate. Kardashian-West chose a glow-in-the-dark necklace. Tan France (above) of Queer Eye also got into the alien implants trend, sporting creepy gills and crystals. Although these installations are being called implants, the prosthetics aren't actually implanted under the skin. There's no word on whether A. Human produces these alien implants in other skin colors. But something tells me, we Black folks aren't about to jump on this bandwagon.

Now, if any other demographic besides us created the Hennessy bottle nails dubbed "Hennything is possible," I'd be surprised. You know we love our brown liquor. But Pittsburgh nail artist Lechele Barnett has taken Hennessy Cognac to a level few people appreciate, including me. (Although, her Cherry Coca-Cola nails are bomb!) Not only does the nail resemble a miniature Hennessy bottle, complete with gold leaf label, but it also contains actual cognac!

Lechele Barnett

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