Edward Norton - secret wedding! Since last year, he is already a husband. Edward Norton and his wife Shauna Robertson. Man - of-steel dad, Edward Norton is already married for a long time. The Rascal has concealed from us, but now it is out, Reports US Weekly, according to Edward Norton, 43 should be, since last year, been with his partner Shauna Robertson married.

They were engaged since 2011. The big OK!-Wedding special. The Couple was already eight years before it was supposed to have married. It took all of the time, the wedding was in the offing yet. Details about Traung, there is, as yet, but no. So the Pair has closed even before the birth of their first child last month the Federal for life. About the Baby they were very happy.

However, the pregnancy was only shortly before the birth known. Papa Norton wants to keep his luck probably generally tend for themselves. Why, we can't understand with such positive news, however.


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