What is the 2-3 Zone Defense In Basketball?


What is the 2-3 Zone Defense In Basketball?

2-3 Zone Defense - Defensive zone scheme that places 2 guards at the top of the court, with 2 wing defenders, (usually forwards) covering the corners and baseline, and a Center regulating the paint.

The strategic implications of this defense rely on the defense working together to cover on covering all 5 defenders as a team as opposed to man-man defense. It requires fast feet and excellent communication. It is often used to hide poor defenders, and its use in the NBA and most professional leagues has disappeared. On rare occasions is it seen in college levels, and is mostly seen at high school games.

2-3 defense can be effective when you have willing participants that will hustle to trap and turn turnovers into quick fast breaks.

Straight, No Chaser - If you don't have good defenders, you can try and hide it by playing 2-3 zone. But if you have willing defenders, it can end up working well.​

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