What is a "Charge" in Basketball?


What is a "Charge" in Basketball?

Charge - An offensive foul committed by the dribbler running into a defender that is in a fair defensive position. Charging typically occurs when the player driving to the rim fails to adjust his route to a defender that is in his path. Many charges result in a defender getting knocked off his feet, gliding to his rear on the court floor.

The result of a charging foul is loss of possession. Meaning, as a defender, the ability to "draw a charge" is a valuable skill. Ersan Ilyasova (above) is particularly skilled at this, leading the NBA in 2018 with 48. For some perspective, Blake Griffin drew the next highest amount at just 30.

Controversially, many NBA and WNBA athletes have taken it upon themselves to include dramatics in their attempts at drawing a charge. Leading to many emmy-worthy acting attempts at drawing charging files.

Straight, No Chaser - It takes some fast feet, timing, and sometimes a solid acting job to draw a charge from an offensive player.