Stephen Curry is the Most Entertaining Athlete on the Planet


Steph Curry and the Warriors are the best show in town. While the Warriors are off to a blazing hot start (15-7), Steph Curry still manages to be the brightest star in the Warriors star-studded lineup. It takes a special type of competitor to not only consistently rise to the challenge of your opponent, but also to compete against your own teammates day in and day out. Competition breeds excellence, and the Warriors sure love competition. Let’s take a glimpse at what Steph has managed to accomplish in these past few years that nobody has ever managed to do in professional sports.

Stephen Curry’s Warriors, The Greatest Show on Earth!

The Warrior's depth at each position is impressive, and as a team, may be the best ever. The success of this team over the past few years can be attributed to a select number of supremely talented basketball players. Steph, whose statistical presence on the court is nothing short of extraordinary, has remained the ringleader of this circus of talent. But Steph’s talent supersedes the win and loss columns, the MVPs and the Rings. What Steph does on a nightly basis is provide the audience with something greater than winning. He gives us spectacle.

To put it simply, Stephen Curry is excellent at his job. His job on the court is to create scoring opportunities for his team and himself, and to stop the opposing point guard from doing his job on the other end of the court. His game has been analyzed to death, and while these numbers are eye popping to say the least, what I value above all is watching him play. Time is the most important thing in life, and by watching Steph curry, I need only a few minutes until my jaw drops through the floor. He just isn’t like the others on the court.

Having said this, the greatest show on earth can’t be that without its fair share of supporting roles. And yes, I did just call Kevin Durant a supporting role. Klay, and Draymond both give Steph the platform on which he dances his dance. Durant needs his fair share of the spotlight, something Steph is more than willing to give. Herein lies another reason why Steph is the most entertaining global athlete. He knows he is apart of a team. He knows that winning, more than anything, is the most entertaining thing for all stakeholders. (The best may be yet to come, since Demarcus Cousins decided he wanted in on the fun were all having in the Bay Area.)

The area in which Steph’s talent becomes most exposed is his off shot off the dribble. The sight of a comparatively smaller man, dribbling around six or seven other 6’8” men, pulling up to shoot before his momentum ever comes close to stopping sounds a lot like my 3rdgrade recess. To me, Steph is the hyper-athletic pipsqueak on the playground whose shots sank at an annoyingly high rate. To some, he might be an angel with the splashiest stroke the game has ever seen. It seems elementary, the choices he makes with the ball in his hands But why is it that every single time he shoots from downtown, I truly believe it’s going in? Confidence is key, and the Curry killer instinct only strengthens his case as the most entertaining athlete on the planet.

Steph can and does, effectively shoot the ball from anywhere and everywhere on the court. This is a claim that is made far too often, and hopefully is retired with the emergence of a person to whom this declaration is validly applicable. Yes, his shots from downtown are falling every other time he “settles” for an outside shot. And yes, he is on pace to upend the record he set a few years ago for most 3 pointers in a season. Personally, my favorite part of Steph’s 3’s from deep are the sound they make. I yearn for the split second where the cheering stops, and the splash of the net echoes all around the arena.

Is it a stretch to think that his splash is the loudest because he shoots it from further away than anybody else?


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