2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Round 1 Recap / Round 2 Matchups


24 Teams Began The Tournament, 16 Remain

2 African nations, 8 European, 2 Asian, 2 North American, Australia & Brazil all survived the gauntlet.

Here is the breakdown for next round's games:

Spain V USA
Brazil V France
Cameroon V England
Australia V Norway

And at the other end of the bracket:

Italy V China PR
Netherlands V Japan
Germany V Nigeria
Sweden V Canada

​We took a poll here at S&S and we like USA, France, England, and Australia in the top bracket. For the bottom, we came to the consensus to root for Nigeria as the official world cup cinderella story. But in order for the dream match of USA V Nigeria, Nigeria is going to have to go through number 2 ranked Germany.

Germany did almost get scored on by China (25th second of this video). But looked pretty solid the rest of the match.

However, Nigeria has the team speed to emulate this attack and take advantage of Germany's as of late sub-par passing.


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