Top 10 Best Super Bowl Ads EVER!


For all of you that have been pretending to watch football this whole season, all your hard work is about to pay off.

Super Bowl ads are the pinnacle of American entertainment. All those who say otherwise, go back to watching This Is Us.

This year, word on the street is a 30-second ad will run up a 5-6 million dollar bill. In comparison, a 30-second ad in Super Bowl I, (we are now at Super Bowl 53), costed a measly $40,000.

If you really care about football, that's cool. If you care about the food, that's cool too. But for the love of Tom, stay out of the way of the TV during the commercials. The rest of us are trying to catch a glimpse of greatness.

Here we go: Top 10 Best SB Commercials Of. All. Time.

10: Bud Light "Fists bumps are out"

9: Reebok's Masterpiece "Office Linebacker"

8: NFL's New Touchdown Celebration Rule (more of an announcement than an ad, but unforgettable regardless)

7: Snickers' Ad: Betty White Gets Got

6: VW's Darth Vader Kid

5: E-trade Baby

4: Doritos Crystal Ball

3: Tabasco Sauce: "Mosquito"

2: "WASUUPP" -Budweiser (It's lasting effecting on society earned it the #2 spot)

1: Old Spice: "The man your man could smell like" (The GOAT of all ads)

How'd we do on our list? Let us know how wrong you are below!

Good luck to the Rams!


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