Three Ways to Rep Your Team at the Super Bowl


Your favorite team might not be on the super bowl field yet, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting ready. You might be buying tickets, you might be figuring out how to call off work, or you might be canceling other plans – anything to be there, front and center when your team takes home the title.

When the super bowl comes, you’re going to want to represent your team in the best way possible, and it’s not always easy to figure out how. Today we’re going to list three ways you can represent your team when the big day comes, and it’s not nearly as difficult as you think. Check out the following ideas and get ready to bring some serious team spirit to the table as events on the field unfold during the ultimate showdown.

Try a Jersey

Your team doesn’t have a monopoly on wearing jerseys – you can do it too! Wearing your team’s jersey is a great way to rep, and you can also look into grabbing one that reflects your favorite player. has a great selection of jerseys for fans from every single team, so make sure you get the one you want. If you’re not interested in representing a specific member of your team, why not slap your own name on the back of the jersey? It’s a little more expensive, but you’ll have something to wear during the regular season, no matter who is on the field or on the roster.{wt-static_graphic}{pt-league}{al-B3_Spot}{ct-JERSEYS}

Break out the Face Paint

Jerseys are great but why not take it a step further? You’ve seen people on TV wearing face paint at games, and you can really use your artistic freedom here. It’s a great way to show how dedicated you are to your team, and it’s also pretty much a guaranteed way to end up on TV when the camera pans around. Just a little tip here though: make sure you’re using non-toxic paint that won’t run and will last for the entire game. Check out our link below:

Make a Sign

Contrary to popular belief, the players do actually read those signs sometimes, especially if they’re closer to the field. Writing something encouraging for your favorite player or team is a great way to contribute, or, in some cases, it’s a great way to end up on TV. You can always tell your friends to watch out for your sign when they’re watching the game on TV, and it’s a great way to remind them that you’re at the game and they aren’t. Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little too far.

The super bowl isn’t quite here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting ready. Stock up on your favorite fan paraphernalia and get ready to hit the field, or at least the bucket seats.


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