The Top 3 Worst Teams in the NFL


Worst Teams in the NFL

From the outside, all of the NFL teams might look pretty threatening, but for anyone who really follows them, it’s just not true. There are definitely some issues with every single team but we’re going to talk about three, in particular, today that really need to step up their game.

The Cincinnati Bengals

Normally if a team finishes 3rd in the AFC North, we would say there is room for improvement. After all, take a look at the Patriots who have mopped the field with every single opponent. If they finished third we would be sorely disappointed, but when the Bengals do it, they’re showing signs of improvement. In 2016, the Bengals managed to lose to the Buffalo Bills, and they’ve lost quite a few players along their offensive line. All in all, in 2016, the Bengals finished 6-9-1, which is somewhat ahead of the worst team on this list, but it’s still not something to be entirely proud of. Still, it could mean that they’re clawing their way up from the bottom and we might see some serious improvement. Then again, they could fall back into the same brand of obscurity that we saw throughout the entirety of the 90’s.

The New York Jets

Fortunately for the Jets, they’re not sitting at the bottom of our list. In 2016, they managed to finish 5-11, and while that’s…okay…it’s definitely not the best we’ve ever seen. In their offseason, they managed to get a few new players, and some of them look really promising, but when it comes right down to it, the good players on their team are overshadowed by the mediocre ones, and it doesn’t help that their aging quarterback just isn’t cutting it anymore. The speculation by many sports writers is that the good part of the team will simply give up and go along for the ride for the rest of the 2017 season.

The Cleveland Browns

Ohio just can’t catch a break, can it? The Browns are the worst team on our list; everyone wants them to get better but they just never seem to do it. Take the year 2016 as your prime example, it was probably one of the ridiculous seasons to date, with the Browns finishing 1-15. Think about that for a moment, even the Jets won more than one game, statistically, it shouldn’t have even been possible for them to come out of the season that badly, but, they did, and everyone but Cleveland is highly amused.

Here’s the thing about being the worst: someone has to be it, otherwise there wouldn’t be a best. The only thing we can do in the 2017 season is watching, wait, and see who comes out on top. We’re sure to be surprised at some point!


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