The Real Chef Curry

Food and family are the twin engines that drive Ayesha Curry in all her pursuits in life. She has become a sensation in the culinary world, with her own unique, genuine tastes and worldview captivating thousands of fans globally. Going from recipes to books to Food Network, and now from TV to restaurants, Ayesha’s thirst for success is surely responsibly for her big appetite in life. All these accomplishments of course come second to her role as a mother and wife. And of course, she loves to cheer on her husband’s NBA games, and is counting down the days until her oldest (Riley) picks up a basketball. Born in Canada, but raised in Charlotte, the Bay Area mother of 3 is a super mom with a (literally) all-star team.

Ayesha Curry's Family:



6-year-old Riley Curry​

3-year-old Ryan Curry

7-month-old Canon Curry

The charm of Ayesha is glaring in any conversation she has. Her motherly genuineness is a key to her her business philosophy as well. She started her “Homemade” meal kit company to help families maximize the time they spend together. “Being a mom there’s always a million-and-5 things to do, and so having dinner and a meal for my family to be one less thing to worry about I feel like is a gift itself."

You might then wonder, what does Ayesha make her family for dinner after a day of checking to-do's off her schedule..

"On a normal weeknight, it would be my spice-rubbed chicken with parsley-mint sauce; I make it all the time. On a special occasion, it's my lamb chops and then bacon-wrapped scallops on the side. Everybody loves that." Ayesha’s practical approach to everyday mother problems is likely why so many have begun to take notice. Her “homemade” meal kit company’s target market is people just like herself; a loving but busy family. Forbes named Ayesha one of their 30 under 30s for 2018, and his also one of the newest faces of Covergirl Cosmetics. Yet, while big companies have started to call her name, she ensures first that the little voices in the bedroom next door get their chance at mommy too.

Chef Curry now has 3 International Smoke restaurants with locations in San Francisco, Houston, and now Miami. Check out this hilarious video of when two S&S staffers met Ayesha one night, during their anniversary celebration at International Smoke SF. Owned and operate alongside Chef Michael Mina, International Smoke’s world inspired take on open flame/smoke cooking is why it’s one of the most hyped restaurants in the game right now. If you’ve seen Ayesha’s Food Network show, then you would see how deep of a stamp she personally left on the menu.

Her social media reach totes some impressive numbers as well; 6.1 million IG, almost 1 million Twitter, and her YouTube channel “Little Lights of Mine” with 500k subscribers. Ayesha’s brand has even partnered with target to carry her cookware, and recently opened a pop-up home goods shop in Oakland CA. The breadth of her portfolio is looking fierce, yet she always remains true to who she is; the best cook in the family.

It seems like the answer to all her problems is too cook wonderful food. Ayesha cooked her way into entrepreneurial culinary success doing things that she loved to do. Making the decision to do what makes you happy is an overlooked decision people too often never have agency over. Ayesha does what she wants to do and she’s good enough and cares enough about it, to turn it into her means of income. Impressive job Ayesha, you’re an inspiration to women everywhere!


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