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The Pro Bowl is always light on tackles. Officially called the AFC–NFC Pro Bowl, the game matches the top players in the AFC against those in the NFC. The concerns about injuries to star players are often derided for creating an bit of a dull game (the AP once wrote that the players were "hitting each other as though they were having a pillow fight") but this year, a few boys were fine with throwing caution to the wind.

Drew Brees (QB for the New Orleans Saints) brought his three boys to the game to help run drills and hand out water. They ended up stealing the show during Bree’s sideline interview.

Most fans were downright delighted by the playful antics though they did lead to a “talking to” from dad:

There were a number of Monday morning quarterbacks expressing disapproval but for almost any parent of boys (or brother of boys, or friend of boys or witness to any little boy behavior), it was probably the best moment from the game.


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