Rep Your Favorite Team with these Car Accessories


You might not be able to drive a stock car down the freeway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rep your favorite team with some of the best accessories the market has to offer serious fans like you. We have a few cool NASCAR accessories that you can add to your car right now to make you feel like you’re in the fast lane. Let’s take a look!

Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers are a pretty great thing to add to your vehicle, to put it lightly. For one thing, it can really reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the wheel, so you aren’t going to burn your hand off getting into the car. Secondly, you can rep your favorite driver’s number! We all love Danika Patrick, and you can sport the #10 with pride. Then again, maybe you’re more of an Earnhardt person, so we’re not going to judge. Steering wheel covers are cheap and you can get one online or at your local auto parts store.

Seat Covers

Just like the steering wheel covers, seat covers do a great job of making sure that you’re not dealing with heat when you sit down. If you don’t have leather seats, however, they’re still a great way to rep your favorite team.

Bumper Stickers

We can’t say enough about bumper stickers; they stick right to your bumper, they stay on, and you can get one in nearly any style. Hey, if you don’t like what’s out there, you can just find a company to design one (or a few hundred) for you. There’s never been a better or more traditional way to represent your team. Just make sure you’re getting the one you really want because they can be a pain to peel off of a metal bumper.


If you’re looking for something a little more temporary, then magnets are the way to go. Have you ever wanted to have the number 10 firmly displayed on your car door or hood, but didn’t have the budget to get it painted on? Magnets can do that for you, and once the season is over, you can peel them right off.


These are often mistaken for bumper stickers but there is actually a significant difference. Like magnets, they peel right off, but they’re typically made from plastic and adhere to your windows in a different way. The best part is that they’re mostly reusable. The only problem is that just like bumper stickers, they tend to fade in the sunlight, so choose carefully, and be ready to buy a new one next season.

You don’t need a stock car or an open wheel racer to show your dedication to NASCAR, just make sure you have the right accessories and you’ll be good to go!


S&S Life