Quick Dinner Ideas so you Don’t Miss the Tip-Off (and what the hell is a tip-off?)


The tip off, otherwise known as a jump ball, is what occurs at the very beginning of the game when an official tosses the ball into the air and players from each opposing team attempt to gain control over it.

That is the beginning of the game, and you don’t want to miss it, which means not only eating dinner quickly but getting it ready quickly. If you’re not accustomed to rushing dinner then you may be a bit of a loss but don’t worry, we have a few good ideas here that are going to help you out – a lot.

Idea #1: Make it a Taco Night

It might not be Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your cuisine south of the border. Tacos are a very simple dinner, especially considering half of the meal is premade. All you need to do is fry up some ground meat in a pan (don’t forget the taco seasoning) and put it in a taco shell. Don’t forget the toppings! Some quick topping ideas can include cheese, sour cream, chives, and tomato.

Idea #2: Shepherd’s Pie

Building on the idea of ground meat, you can quickly whip up some mashed potatoes and mix them with ground beef. Once you’ve made that mixture, pour it into a glass oven safe dish, and then cover it with cheese. Place the entire thing in the oven for about twenty minutes and you have a dish that is not only quick but pretty yummy. Optionally, you can add green beans to the mixture, or sprinkle fried onions on top before placing in the oven.

Idea #3: Make a Pizza

This is just as straightforward as it sounds. When you’re in a hurry, there is nothing quite like a take and bake pizza. Just put in the oven for twenty-five minutes or so, pull it out, and enjoy. It’s that easy. You can even eat it during the game if you’re watching at home.

Idea #3: Store-Bought Fried Chicken

This method is even faster than making a pizza. If you have a grocery store with a deli section, you can probably buy fried chicken, already cooked, and even warm. If you have an especially good deli, you can get some great sides for a complete dinner – imagine that.

Idea #4: Hamburgers

If you have a Foreman Grill (or similar) then hamburgers are an extremely fast dinner. Typically, cooking will only require about three minutes per patty, and you can probably have them plated in half that time. Hamburgers can be eaten quickly, and the cleanup will also go quickly. You can worry about scrubbing the grill after the game.

Idea #5: Hot Dogs

Yep, we went right from hamburgers to hot dogs, but they cook much faster. Hot dogs can have all kinds of toppings, from chili sauce all the way to relish. Set up a buffet of toppings and feed your family in one fell swoop.

A fast dinner means getting to the tip-off in time and seeing which team takes control of the ball first – use these ideas, and come up with a few of your own along the way. Just remember: eating too fast can give you heartburn.


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