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When it comes to being a female sports fan, people may think you’re just along for the ride. Some might assume you’re watching the World Cup just to fawn over Cristiano Ronaldo (when that’s only half the reason.) Others might have no idea that you’ve been following the Celtics to see if they can recreate their glory days from the early ‘80s. The good news it that we don’t need to explain ourselves. As long as we follow a few rules:

Bejeweled pink jerseys should be outlawed.

The pink jerseys with rhinestones and glitter on them have got to go. Each and every pro team has moved far beyond Adult S/M/L. I’m not saying that getting gear isn’t half the fun but why limit yourself to the “girlie” choice when there are options galore?

Crying is not a "girl thing"

We have all had our fair share of unbelievable wins and truly painful losses. We care about the game which means we very well might shed a tear at the end of a nail biter. It’s called compassion and it’s 100% ok.

We didn’t become a sports fan to gain attention from men.

This is a pet peeve for most female sports fans. Do people think that we watch the games, buy the merchandise and follow our favorite players on Twitter just to impress the men in our lives? Hell no.

We hate it when other women only like sports to gain attention from men.

Most female sports fans can tell when another girl isn't a true fan. Sure, she’ll wear the jersey and sport the team's knit beanie but when you start asking her about who you think they will pick up in the draft, trade deadlines, and salary caps, she will let you down. Every fan started with their first game but for those of you faking it, just drop the act. Watch, learn and enjoy.

Being able to talk sports with your significant other.

While there’s no need to fake it, similar passions do help a relationship grow stronger. People have bonded over sports for eons and whether it’s broadcast or live, game night makes for a great date night.

We don't watch the games purely for the eye candy.

But yeah, it’s a bonus.

We don't like to be quizzed.

When we are watching a game with the guys, and all of the sudden we are asked random unrelated questions (like, who won the World Cup in 2014), our mood will sour. We don’t want to feel like we have to prove our loyalty to our beloved team. It is very insulting. P.s. It was Germany, by the way.

We have grown up cheering for our teams.

Some may have jumped on the sports bandwagon when our home team made it to the playoffs but many of us have grown up as fans since the day we were born. Sports bonds more than teammates and significant others. It’s a family affair.

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