There are certain times of the year when your man is going to be absolutely obsessed with sports – any sports, and during those times, yep, you’re going to want to get him sports themed gifts. If you’re not the sports fanatic that he is, however, then you’re probably at a bit of a loss as to what you should be buying him. There are lots of great options out there, especially from websites like We’re going to cover four different gifts you might want to grab your man this season, whether it’s for his birthday, an anniversary, or just to help stave off the hunger between games.


The category of memorabilia is a bit wide, but you probably already know that. It really all comes down to what your partner likes and what you think would fit best into their collection. For example, it’s always a great idea to get him an autographed jersey from his favorite player, but if you can’t afford to go that route, there are plenty of other items out there, like autographed jersey frames, football display cases, replica helmets, coffee table books, and more!


Sports wallets are awesome. That’s really all we need to say, but let’s go ahead and go into a bit more detail here. Here’s the cool thing, there are many different shapes and styles of wallet, but our personal favorite comes from, and it’s a wallet that actually features interior lining made from a used game jersey. That’s right, the inside of your wallet has been on the field, and maybe it was worn by your favorite player; now that’s cool. It’s a little more expensive, but your partner is going to love it.


If your partner likes to play golf, then you’re in luck, there are a ton of different pieces of golf memorabilia out there, from bags to club covers, and more. You don’t have to be at the game to represent your team and neither does your partner!


When all else fails, an NFL hat is one gift that really stands the test of time. They’re one of the more inexpensive pieces of memorabilia, and they come in many different styles. Take a look at what’s available and surprise your partner right before the big game with a hat that sports their favorite team colors.

NFL themed gifts aren’t exactly few and far between; take a look at these and make sure you do your own research! You’re bound to find exactly what you need and something that will satiate your partner’s needs between regular season games.


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