Game Night/Date Night – Plan a Romantic Night Out at The Game


As baseball season kicks into gear there is a good chance that either you or your significant other is thinking about planning a stadium date, but here’s the million dollar question: how do you make that romantic? In our opinion the stadium itself is already pretty romantic; there’s nothing quite like sitting beneath the floodlights next to the person you love, and even the nosebleeds can’t quell that feeling. There are, however, a few ways you can spice the night up while still enjoying the big game.

Go Beyond the Stadium Seats

Forget the regular stadium seats for a moment – you need to make this game special. It’s date night, after all. If you’re not shy about spending money, see if the stadium you’re planning to visit has box seats or something equivalent. I’m not saying that you have to drop $200 on the President’s Club at National’s Park, but you can definitely find something that will give you more space and make that date night a bit more special. Just be careful not to get one directly on the field – it gets difficult to see over the field’s curvature and totally ruins the game. Unless of course you weren’t paying attention to the game anyway.

Plan Dinner Somewhere Nice

There’s nothing quite like having a nice dinner after the game, so pick a spot ahead of time. Remember that many of the more popular restaurants will be filled up minutes after the game concludes, so make reservations, and definitely choose a nice establishment if you don’t want to end up eating at a Steak n’ Shake. While that might invoke a sense of 50’s nostalgia, it’s not romantic by any stretch of the imagination.

There are many great restaurants in the vicinity of the ball park that will be baseball themed, and you’ll probably run into quite a few high-end sports bars that not only have amazing food (did someone say chicken wings?), but massive televisions that will let you watch replays of the game. Who could say no to that?

Take the Date Outdoors

After dinner, you have a few different options! If you have some time, take a walk with your significant other – tour the streets of the city or do some window shopping. After the game, there will be plenty of open shops and even drinking establishments if that’s your thing, just make sure you remember where you parked.

If being among people isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of romantic (and safe) spots that you can find. A good bench to sit on, a well-lit park to walk through, or even a place to park. The choices are limitless and no matter what, you’re bound to have fun, in the stadium, and out.

Plan your perfect date night by using these suggestions and even expanding on them in the future, baseball can turn into an amazing evening if you follow a plan!


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