Is This a Second Chance for Canadian Soccer Team?


The last eighty years of Canadian Soccer have been pretty subpar, to put it as lightly as possible, and you can bet that expectations weren’t exactly running high recently. However, during the Gold Cup, the Canadian soccer team actually managed to make it to the knockout stages, following a 0-0 draw with Honduras. This was a serious surprise, considering that they were knocked out of the World Cup qualification in 2016, leaving Canadians to watch the qualifiers on television rather than in person. Imagine being a Canadian player and trying to walk through the streets of Vancouver. There is a stereotypical belief that all Canadians are friendly by nature, but that’s probably not always the case, especially if you managed to let your entire country down. Recently, Octavio Zambrano was brought in to help prepare the team for the 2022 world cup, and with him, not a single game has been lost.

Moving the Canadian Soccer Team Forward

There have been definite improvements, but Zambrano has pointed out more than once that not all of those improvements have necessarily been physical. Actually, many of them have been mental, and it was a matter of raising morale. When a team loses for eight years in a row they definitely start to lose something, and that ‘something’ we’re talking about, is morale. The trick for Zambrano was insisting and convincing the team that they had the ability to face any team on equal terms, which has helped quite a bit, arguably.

Hope for Canada

Back in 2009, fans will remember that Canada managed to make their way to the knockout stage of the Gold Cup, but they lost 1-0 to Honduras in the quarterfinal. This year, however, they managed to move past Honduras, even though they didn’t have Cyle Larin, who was originally a potential call-up for the team. This, unfortunately transpired as a result of Larin being arrested for DUI. Their victory in spite of this setback proves that Canada has what it takes to win, and most importantly, it means that Canadians can have hope once again. To be quite honest, Canada hasn’t had much to be excited about in terms of soccer for some time. Apart from it being eight years since the last victory of this magnitude, consider that Canada last qualified for a world cup in 1986, and they managed to lose all three of their games in Mexico. That’s definitely something to be ashamed of, but now, in 2017, Canada has new hope, and their players seem to be progressing along quite nicely. Only time will tell where this is going.


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