Four NBA Players Who Chose to Return to College Ball this Year


Normally, when a college player is offered the chance to advance to pro ball, they take it, but in some cases, they might reject it for one reason or another. It sounds a bit odd, especially considering they’re offered the chance to become millionaires overnight, but we have four players here that made the choice to reject instant stardom and instead returned to college ball in 2017.

Miles Bridges – Michigan State

There is no doubt that Miles Bridges wants to rush into the pros and get a Final Four, however, he believes that he has some things he needs to work on. He stated that he does need to work on his game so that he doesn’t enter the NBA and find himself in the D-League. While money is important to him, it doesn’t seem to be the most important thing of all, and that’s pretty promising. There is also some hope that Michigan, with the help of Bridges, will be ranked #1 by the time next season commences.

Bernie Boatwright – USC

Bernie Boatwright recently made his announcement and joined the ranks of players that have chosen to withdraw from the NBA draft. The reasoning was that he wished to return for his junior season. This announcement does mean that the Trojans will be returning the majority of their roster from last season’s NCAA tournament team. For coach Andy Enfield, this is a best-case scenario, and he did indicate that returning might have been the best course of action, as it gives Boatwright a chance to hone his skills, and ultimately become more NBA-ready.

Angel Delgado – Seton Hall

Some would call this one of the greatest comebacks in Seton Hall history as Angel Delgado has turned down an offer from the NBA, and returned for his senior season with the Pirates. As with all the others, we have mentioned, he did have the opportunity to become an overnight millionaire but instead opted to finish what he started.

Hamidou Diallo – Kentucky

The last one that we are going to mention here is Hamidou Diallo, who made the decision to return to Lexington for another season with the Wildcats. While this definitely sets his future plans back a bit, it does almost guarantee that Kentucky will be a preseason top 10 team with six former five-star recruits enrolled.

The general consensus amongst most draft picks is that it’s better to take the money and run, but understandably, there are some who would rather wait and secure their future with either an education or greater experience before taking the professional court. There are several other names doing the exact same thing, so stay tuned, and find out who’s moving forward, or staying home.


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