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Bringing together female sports fans giving them an arena to cheer, compete, learn and talk all things sports, leagues, teams and players.


Sugar & Sports is the only sports fan community for women who love sports. As the brainchild of two San Francisco women —who are not only dedicated sports enthusiasts, but also wives, and moms with successful professional careers—Sugar & Sports aims to bring together female sports fans and provide them with an arena to cheer, compete, learn and talk about everything they love about sports – from leagues, to teams, to players and beyond.

Let’s face it—the sports industry hasn’t figured out how to engage women. They don’t realize that while we share many similarities with male sports fans—like our passion for competition and ability to smack talk—we are not the same. Women need a fun and safe place where they can be taken seriously as true sports fans. We founded Sugar & Sports to be just that—a powerful and unifying community for women who love sports.

Sugar & Sports welcomes ALL levels of female sports fans from lifelong enthusiasts to newbies. We deliver a unique sports experience that includes on-point content, tips, insights, and access, while building team spirit in an environment where all members are valued and respected and no one is left behind. Sugar & Sports—you’ve found your team…for life.

The Sugar & Sports team roster is led by powerhouse co-founders Jasama Patel and Liz Larson. Frustrated with the way in which female sports fans were underestimated and disregarded, they teamed up to champion the Sugar & Sports community and share their love for sports with millions of female sports fans.

JASAMA, Co-Founder and President

Jasama wasn’t a passionate sports fan until she met her now husband in 2001 and realized that she would be spending 18 Sundays of every year as an NFL widow. She decided it was time to learn how to watch football—and she was hooked. Now an avid sports nut, she regularly fries her vocal chords cheering for the SF 49ers, Golden State Warriors, SF Giants and her alma mater, University of Michigan. She can talk smack about any of her teams’ rivals and back it up with facts and a wicked sense of humor.

Jasama brings to Team Sugar & Sports an infectious enthusiasm for trying new and different things. She is a successful businesswoman and is active as a board member for local business and community groups.

LIZ, Co-Founder and CEO

Liz doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t a sports fan – as part of a sports-loving family, she cheered on local and college baseball and football teams and exceled at gymnastics, swimming, and track. Liz developed a love for basketball thanks to her male college roommates who spent every second of their free time watching NBA games. Feeling a bit isolated, she decided to learn a bit about the sport and join in the fun­—she quickly became a yelling-at-the-TV kind of basketball fan. Her bachelorette party: an SF Giants game; and date night: a Golden State Warriors game, of course!

Liz brings to Team Sugar & Sports an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for supporting and empowering women. She is a successful businesswomen and advisor to local non-profit organizations.


We are seeking content contributors to help us build our community. Please reach out to us if you are interested in being part of Sugar & Sports. Thank you!


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