He's Got Issues #279.0: Top Ten New Comics, 3/18/20

Jon Cooney

  1. Firefly #15 (Cover A Marc Aspinall), $3.99
    (W) Greg Pak (A) Lalit Kumar Sharma (CA) Marc Aspinall
    A Browncoat at heart, Sheriff Mal Reynolds does have to admit that there might be one single perk to a government job: actually having the time to court Inara Serra, now that he doesn't have to worry about things like dodging the government. But something's fishy with the Blue Sun executives who have taken up residence in Mal's sector...will investigating it mean walking away from Inara?
  2. Star Wars #4 (Cover A R. B. Silva), $3.99
    (W) Charles Soule (A) Jesus Saiz (CA) R. B. Silva
    • LUKE SKYWALKER, LANDO CALRISSIAN and LEIA ORGANA have returned to CLOUD CITY! They each left things on BESPIN they desperately need - a weapon, a friend, and crucial information.
    • But the city is swarming with IMPERIALS, under occupation by an EMPIRE desperate to steal its resources.
    • Things did not go well for the trio the last time they visited this place. This time... might be even worse.
  3. Captain Marvel #16 (Cover A Mark Brooks), $3.99
    (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Lee Garbett (CA) Mark Brooks
    It's all come down to Captain Marvel versus Vox Supreme! Since discovering her Kree heritage, Carol Danvers has struggled to reconcile her human and her alien sides. Now she must fight for both - or lose everything. But Earth's Mightiest Hero has a new plan...will the power of the Avengers be enough to save the world?
  4. Batman #91 (Cover A Jorge Jimenez), $3.99
    (W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez
    To save Gotham City, Catwoman will have to commit the greatest heist in the city's history! But hot on her trail are the Penguin, the Riddler, a horde of assassins, and the master criminal called the Designer! And the most dangerous person standing in her way is the man she's trying to save: Batman. And what complications will his arise from his new sidekick, Harley Quinn?
  5. Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 (Cover A Ivan Shavrin), $3.99
    (W) Al Ewing (A) Juan Cabal, More (CA) Ivan Shavrin
    • The Guardians saved the Galaxy - at great and terrible cost. And now, they have to break the news... to the Guardians.
    • Four artists tell three stories of two bonds broken, one born again...
    • ...and the birth of the West Spiral Arm Guardians!
  6. Runaways #31, $3.99
    (W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Genolet, Andres (CA) Kris Anka
    • The most battle-heavy issue of RUNAWAYS (and possibly ANY COMIC EVER) is here and you won't believe your eyes.
    • Doc Justice and the J-Team (i.e. the Runaways) has their most dangerous mission and it does not end well for anyone.
    • The Runaways end this issue very very different from where they started it.
  7. Spider-Woman #1 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon Classic Costume Variant), $4.99
    (W) Karla Pacheco (A) Pere Perez (CA) Jung-Geun Yoon
    Jessica Drew hasn't been feeling like herself lately (she's not a Skrull, we promise). When the angry, irritable, and unwell Spider-Woman takes a simple security gig to help get back on her feet, she finds herself besieged by unknown forces out to destroy everything around her. What's wrong with Jessica? Just how DID she get this job? And who are these violent lunatics who keep trying to blow her up? WHO CARES? Does Spider-Woman have someone to punch? THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.
    An explosive new series that pushes Spider-Woman into new heights of action and adventure from the mad minds of Karla Pacheco and Pere Pérez, this is the Spider-Woman book you've been waiting for!
  8. Justice League #43 (Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
    (W) Robert Venditti (A) Doug Mahnke, Matt Ryan (CA) Bryan Hitch
    All secrets revealed! Caught in the Justice League's trap, the Eradicator reveals the truth hidden in his circuits. And as Superman confronts his past defeat, it's up to Wonder Woman to make a decision that will divide the team. The no-holds-barred war between the League and a murder machine with Superman's face concludes!
  9. Excalibur #9 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar), $3.99
    (W) Tini Howard (A) Marcus To (CA) Mahmud Asrar
    Excalibur emerges from the woods with a journey before them. Their destination: Starlight Citadel.
  10. Valkyrie Jane Foster #9 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar), $3.99
    (W) Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Mahmud A. Asrar
    Valkyrie and Thor have discovered a vast and terrible secret buried deep in the Earth, one that has haunted Asgard for eons. The R kkva, a magic older than the gods, has broken free from its long prison. And one man seeks to turn it to his own gain. He just needs to get rid of Valkyrie first - and what better way than at the hands of Thor?!