He's Got Issues #273.0: Top Ten New Comics, 2/5/20

Jon Cooney

  1. Daredevil #17, $3.99
    (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Jorge Fornes (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco
    •  The war in Hell's Kitchen builds as Owl takes his stab at Wilson Fisk, formerly the Kingpin of Crime - now Mayor of New York!
    •  Matt must come to terms with what Daredevil truly means.
    •  And he better do it soon, as a new and deadly foe makes a decisive return...
  2. Young Justice #13 (Cover A John Timms), $3.99
    (W) Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker (A) Mike Grell (A/CA) John Timms
    Another Wonder Comics extravaganza kicks off with Young Justice searching for Conner Kent as the teen Superboy find himself trapped in the mysterious world of Skartaris, the home of legendary DC character Warlord! Wonder Comics curator and Young Justice writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes writer David F. Walker to the team alongside rising-star artist John Timms!
  3. Star Wars Darth Vader #1 (Cover A In-Hyuk Lee), $4.99
    (W) Greg Pak (A) Raffaele Ienco (CA) In-Hyuk Lee
    In the shattering climax of The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader infamously reveals his true relationship to Luke Skywalker and invites his son to rule the galaxy at his side. But Luke refuses -- plunging into the abyss beneath Cloud City rather than turn to the Dark Side. We all remember Luke's utter horror in this life-altering moment. But what about Vader? In this new epic chapter in the Darth Vader saga, the dark lord grapples with Luke's unthinkable refusal and embarks on a bloody mission of rage-filled revenge against everything and everyone who had a hand in hiding and corrupting his only son. But even as he uncovers the secrets of Luke's origins, Vader must face shocking new challenges from his own dark past.
    Writer Greg Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco unleash Darth Vader on his dark quest of vengeance and discovery this February! With covers by InHyuk Lee!
  4. Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #3 (Of 9) (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $5.99
    (W) Kami Garcia (A) Mico Suayan, Jason Badower (CA) Francesco Mattina
    DC Black Label Prestige Plus 8.5" x 10.875"
    Harley Quinn follows the evidence-and it leads her to a dangerous conclusion: she might know the true identity of the serial killer she's hunting. But as Harley digs deeper into The Joker's past, he is watching her...and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Gotham City has never needed a hero more!
  5. Immortal Hulk Great Power #1 (Cover A Jorge Molina), $4.99
    (W) Tom Taylor (A/CA) Jorge Molina
    When Bruce Banner wakes up in the middle of the night without the Hulk, he thinks he's finally free. But the Hulk is immortal - and the night's not over yet. If you thought he was dangerous in the body of mild-mannered Bruce Banner, wait till you see him now. Peter Parker is a man with the proportional strength and agility of a spider, capable of lifting trains on his bad days. And he's about to get a big, green power-up - with a temper to match.
  6. Batman #88 (Cover A Tony S. Daniel), $3.99
    (W) James TynionIV (A) Guillem March (CA) Tony S. Daniel
    The conspiracy that will rock Batman's world continues to unfold as the Dark Knight travels to Arkham Asylum to get answers from the Penguin! What dark secret does he share with The Joker, the Riddler, and...Catwoman? Plus, the plague of assassins descending upon Gotham City in its weakest moments continues! Will this be the moment when Deathstroke finally takes down Batman?!
  7. X-Men Fantastic Four #1 (Of 4) (Cover A Terry Dodson), $4.99
    (W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Terry Dodson
    KRAKOA. Every mutant on Earth lives there ... except for one. But now it's time for FRANKLIN RICHARDS to come home.
    It's the X-MEN VS. the FANTASTIC FOUR and nothing will ever be the same.
  8. Lois Lane #8 (Of 12) (Cover A Mike Perkins), $3.99
    (W) Greg Rucka (A/CA) Mike Perkins
    As the world comes to realize Lois Lane is also the wife of Superman and mother of Superboy, the DC Universe's most acclaimed reporter finds herself hunted by a deadly assassin code-named the Kiss of Death. The only thing standing between Lois and execution is the Question, but can Renee Montoya stop the Kiss before she fulfills her contract?
  9. Justice League #40 (Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
    (W) Robert Venditti (A) Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza (CA) Bryan Hitch
    The next chapter for comics' premier superteam begins! An unexpected arrival from the stars brings a dire warning to the Justice League: A new breed of conquerors is on the march. Led by Superman's nemesis Eradicator, a genetically engineered, super-powered strike team has come to subjugate Earth. To aid the Justice League, Batman makes the unprecedented decision of enlisting an ancient, unrivaled power, which calls into question who, exactly, is in charge. With the League on unsure footing, will they be ready to save the world?
  10. Captain America The End #1 (Cover A Rahzzah), $4.99
    (W) Erik Larsen (A) Erik Larsen (CA) Rahzzah
    Steve Rogers fights for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by hordes of Red Skulls! Legendary writer/artist Erik Larsen (SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE, NOVA) returns to Marvel for an oversized last tale of Simon & Kirby's American Hero!