He's Got Issues #262.0: Top Ten New Comics, 11/20/19

Jon Cooney

  1. Firefly #11 (Cover A Lee Garbett), $3.99
    (W) Greg Pak (A) Dan McDaid (CA) Lee Garbett
    War has come to the small planet, and Mal finds himself caught between the two sides. Will Mal be able to stem the tide of war, or is he already too late to stop it? And how will the mysterious figure from his past influence his choice?
  2. Immortal Hulk #27 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99
    (W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett (CA) Alex Ross
    • Some monsters are born from gamma... other monsters worship a different kind of green.
    •  In his war on the human world, the Immortal Hulk is taking the fight to its lords and masters - the Roxxon Corporation.
    •  But when you mess with THE MINOTAUR... you get the horns.
  3. Batman White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1 (Cover A Sean Murphy), $5.99
    (W) Sean Murphy (A) Klaus Janson (CA) Sean Murphy
    The world of Batman: White Knight expands with this standalone tale! On the night of Bruce Wayne's traumatic birth, Victor Fries must intervene to save the lives of Martha Wayne and the future Batman. As the evening unfolds, Victor distracts Thomas with the incredible tale of his own father figures-one a Nazi, the other a Jew-and their complex connection to Wayne Laboratories. As the Third Reich roars into power, the deep friendship and working relationship between the Baron von Fries and his research partner, Jacob Smithstein, is in crisis. Ordered by Himmler to speed development of their cryotechnology in service of world domination, Smithstein is forced to go into hiding and compromise his moral code in order to save his wife and infant daughter, Nora, from persecution and certain death. When the S.S. ramps up surveillance over the project, young Victor begins to question his father's true allegiance. Both families are driven toward an impossible choice and a sinister standoff, and Victor makes a pact with Smithstein that will ripple through generations.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #34 (Cover A Patrick Gleason), $3.99
    (W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Patrick Gleason
    • Spider-Man 2099's present is our crumbling future.
    •  But what chance do we have relying only on Peter Parker, Miguel O'Hara and... Victor Von Doom?!
    •  That's right, Doctor Doom guest stars in the Mighty Marvel Manner, but what villain is so heinous that Doom and Spidey are on the same side?!
  5. Question The Deaths Of Vic Sage #1 (Of 4) (Cover A Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz), $6.99
    (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Bill Sienkiewicz, Bill Sienkiewicz
    For years, Vic Sage has worn the faceless mask of the Question to clean up the streets of Hub City by sheer force of will. He knows right from wrong. He knows black from white. But what happens when he is drawn into a conspiracy that reaches from the heights of Hub City power to the depths of its underground tunnels? What happens when things stop being black-and-white and start getting a little gray? And what happens when, in a secret chamber deep beneath the city, Vic Sage meets his own end...and his new beginning? Eisner-winning writer Jeff Lemire joins forces with the legendary art team of Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz to resurrect Vic Sage, only to destroy him all over again...and again...
  6. Star Wars #75 (Cover A Phil Noto), $4.99
    (W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Phil Noto
    •  The epic REBELS AND ROGUES storyline reaches its explosive end! Can THREEPIO save the rock people of K43?
    •  Is WARBA the master or the student? Which Champion falls?
    •  And how much of LUKE'S desperate plan has DARTH VADER foreseen from the beginning?
    •  The search for a new rebel base continues!
  7. 2099 Alpha #1 (Cover A Patrick Gleason), $4.99
    (W) Nick Spencer (A) Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Patrick Gleason
    80 years ago, the Marvel Universe was born. 80 years from now, will it die?! THE FUTURE IS IN PERIL! Events of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN have been leading to this for months. Something is happening in 2099 that spans Nueva York and beyond and will shake up the official Marvel Future forever. This is not a drill!
  8. Batman #83 (Cover A Mikel Janin), $3.99
    (W) Tom King (A/CA) Mikel Janin
    It's chapter nine of "City of Bane," and it's time for a reckoning in Gotham City! Thomas Wayne has joined forces with Bane, and that alliance threatens to throw a monkey wrench into Batman's plans. And as Bane's evil army begins to crumble, the Caped Crusader must face the real force behind it all. As the end of this epic tale grows near, Batman and his allies have a choice: let Bane stay in power and guarantee the city's survival, or risk everything to break free!
  9. Captain Marvel #12 (Cover A Mark Brooks), $3.99
    (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Lee Garbett (CA) Mark Brooks
    Captain Marvel has fought off alien hordes. Rescued X-Men. Punched Thanos in the face. Literally saved the world. She now faces her greatest challenge: kill the Avengers. Has one of the world's most powerful heroes gone dark? But why? And what does this mean for Carol...for the world? Life on earth will never be the same. Kelly Thompson teams up with Eisner-nominated artist Lee Garbett for a brand-new arc - and a bold new direction!
  10. Excalibur #2 (Cover A Mahmud Asrar), $3.99
    (W) Tini Howard (A) Marcus To (CA) Mahmud Asrar
    Betsy Braddock is Captain Britain, but a citizen of Krakoa. With Rogue's condition a mystery, the team heads to the one place that has always been the seat of Excalibur's power - the Lighthouse.