He's Got Issues #261.0: Top Ten New Comics, 11/13/19

Jon Cooney

  1. Event Leviathan #6 (Of 6) (Cover A Alex Maleev), $3.99
    (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Alex Maleev
    From the Eisner Award-winning team of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and groundbreaking artist Alex Maleev, the shocking conclusion to the biggest DC mystery of the year! Who is Leviathan? What do they want? How have they dismantled the most powerful secret agencies in the world? And what's their next deadly move? The greatest detectives of the DC Universe descend on Leviathan, and all the answers are revealed! Don't miss the shocking conclusion of this storyline!
  2. Firefly The Sting HC, $19.99
    (W) Delilah S Dawson (A) Various (CA) Marco D'Alfonso
    * Saffron and the women of Firefly pull the ultimate heist!
    * Saffron.the enigmatic rogue who captured the hearts of FIREFLY fans worldwide.returns to Serenity. But this time, she's got no time for Capt. Malcolm Reynolds, as she fs there to recruit the women of the ship to join her on a heist that has personal stakes for all involved.
    * New York Times bestselling writer Delilah S. Dawson ( Sparrowhawk, Star Wars: Phasma ), along with a team of artists including Pius Bak, French Carlomagno, Rodrigo Lorenzo, and Taj Tenfold, reveal a new take on the world of Joss Whedon fs FIREFLY, as each artist shows the heist from the point-of-view of a different woman on the crew.
  3. Star Wars #74 (Cover A Phil Noto), $3.99
    (W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Phil Noto
    •  Our three stories converge as the rebels' plan to destroy the Empire's fleet come to a head! But can LUKE really trust the grifter WARBA CALIP?
    •  Can HAN, LEIA, and DAR CHAMPION survive a head-on battle with a STAR DESTROYER?
    •  And what happens when CHEWBACCA takes on LORD VADER himself in hand-to-hand combat?
    •  And the Rebellion's search for a new home...a base safe from the reach of the Empire...begins.
  4. Superman #17 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado), $3.99
    (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Kevin Maguire, Sean Parsons (CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado
    Superman's new Fortress of Solitude sits in the most remote corner of the Bermuda Triangle. Constructed using Kryptonian technology far beyond anything our world knows, filled with intergalactic, pan-dimensional secrets from all over the Multiverse...how could it possibly be missing?
  5. Runaways #27, $3.99
    (W) Rainbow Rowell (A) Genolet, Andres (CA) Kris Anka
    •  The Runaways can't go home, but Los Angeles' First Protector and Most Venerable Hero has taken them in! Have they FINALLY met a powerful adult they can trust?  
    •  To fight by his side, they'll have to leave one of their own behind!
    •  And without a soul to feast on, Gib is fading fast. Sounds like a ticking clock...
  6. Detective Comics #1015 (Cover A Paolo Pantalena), $3.99
    (W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza (CA) Paolo Pantalena
    For centuries children have been told to be careful about what they wish for, and after years of yearning for his beloved to return, Mr. Freeze finally gets it. But frozen hearts don't melt easily, and after years in cryostasis, Nora Fries is the ultimate ice queen. Gotham and Victor Fries will never be the same again.
  7. X-Men #2 (Cover A Leinil Francis Yu), $3.99
    (W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Leinil Francis Yu
    When an island full of unspeakable horrors appears on the horizon, the X-Men have their work cut out for themselves keeping Krakoa safe!
  8. Fallen Angels #1 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $4.99
    (W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Szymon Kudranski (CA) Ashley Witter
    Psylocke finds herself in this new world of Mutantkind unsure of her place in it... but when a face from her past returns only to be killed, she seeks help from others who feel similar to get vengeance. Cable and X-23 join Kwannon for a personal mission that could jeopardize all Mutantkind!
  9. The Flash #82 (Cover A Guillem March), $3.99
    (W) Joshua Williamson (A) Rafa Sandoval (CA) Guillem March
    "Rogues Reign" part one! The speed force is dead, doom has gripped the earth, and the FLASH lives in a nightmare! Powered-up by Lex Luthor's offer, Captain Cold led his team of Rogues to ultimate victory over Central City. Through the might of Mirror Master's amplified abilities, the rogues have re-shaped reality itself into their own kingdoms of cruelty - Heat Wave's volcanic territory, Weather Wizard's floating armory of the elements, and at the center of it all, the icy castle of Captain Cold. But with the villains stealing the show, why is the greatest threat to their reign one of their own?
  10. Morbius #1 (Cover A Ryan Brown), $3.99
    (W) Vita Ayala (A) Marcelo Ferreira (CA) Ryan Brown
    For years, Nobel Prize winning biologist Michael Morbius has been struggling to cure himself of his vampirism, and now, for the first time in years, one may be within reach! But the path to it is littered with dangers and worse!