He's Got Issues #249.0: Top Ten New Comics, 8/21/19

Jon Cooney

  1. Superman Year One #2 (Of 3) (Cover B Frank Miller), $7.99
    (W) Frank Miller (A) Danny Miki, John RomitaJr (CA) Frank Miller
    Clark Kent's journey of self-discovery continues in the second installment of Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.'s remarkable reimagining of Superman's origin story. This chapter takes young Clark to the Pacific coast and beyond, as he discovers a place as sensational as he is...Atlantis! There he meets new people, finds love, clashes with gargantuan beasts and discovers the man he's meant to be.
  2. Pearl #12 (Cover A Michael Gaydos), $3.99
    (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Michael Gaydos
    It's the wild end of this romantic yakuza epic from the creators of Jessica Jones! Tying up all the loose ends-for now-Pearl Tanaka confronts her past and her future. Will she choose the path of the artist or the killer? Which is her natural way? Don't miss this stunning multimedia experience from artist Michael Gaydos, plus an exclusive look at new Jinxworld projects coming soon!
  3. Criminal #7, $3.99
    (W) Ed Brubaker (A) Jacob Phillips (A/CA) Sean Phillips
    The best monthly comic on the market keeps the hits coming! Young Ricky Lawless and Leo (from CRIMINAL, VOL. 1: COWARD) take the spotlight this issue, as the epic story of the death of Teeg Lawless continues! As always, CRIMINAL contains back page art and articles only found in the single issues.
  4. Daredevil #10 (Cover A Julian Totino Tedesco), $3.99
    (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Jorge Fornes (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco
    • Matt Murdock comes face-to-face with the choices he's made.
    • Hell's Kitchen rises up to fill the void!
  5. Star Wars Doctor Aphra #35 (Cover A Ashley Witter), $3.99
    (W) Si Spurrier (A) Andrea Broccardo (CA) Ashley Witter
    • It's time for DOCTOR APHRA to do what she does best: honor her commitments, help people in need, do the right thing.
    • Hahaha, nope, the people she's swindling won't buy that either. Unlucky for them, she's always two steps ahead.
    • Unlucky for her, the steps lead directly to Coruscant, and into the arms of an old enemy...
  6. Batman #77 (Cover A Tony S. Daniel), $3.99
    (W) Tom King (A/CA) Tony S. Daniel
    "City of Bane" continues! The last of the independent villains are on the run, leaving Gotham City entirely to Bane and his cronies-including Flashpoint Batman and Gotham Girl! Though this means a semblance of peace on the streets, the iron grip of tyranny is squeezing all life out of Gotham. And with Bane's machinations keeping other heroes out, the city really needs the Batman to return. Is Bruce Wayne ready to face his toughest foes yet...his father and the man who broke his back?
  7. Powers Of X #3 (Of 6) (Cover A R. B. Silva), $4.99
    (W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) R. B. Silva
    As Xavier sows the seeds of the past, the X-Men's future blossoms into trouble for all mutantdom. Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (NEW AVENGERS, INFINITY, FF) continues reshaping the X-Men's past, present and future with breakout artist R.B. Silva (UNCANNY X-MEN)!
  8. Tony Stark Iron Man #15 (Cover A Rod Reis), $3.99
    (W) Dan Slott, Jim Zub (A) Juanan Ramirez (CA) Rod Reis
    Reality is in the eye of the beholder, as Tony Stark questions his humanity... while Jocasta is making the choice to leave her robotic body behind and upgrade to biological parts. A turning point is coming to the Marvel Universe as robotic and A.I. rights are being threatened in America. Guest starring the Vision. And featuring the return of one of the Avengers greatest threats!
  9. Valkyrie Jane Foster #2 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar), $3.99
    (W) Jason Aaron, Al Ewing (A) CAFU (CA) Mahmud A. Asrar
    The deadliest shot in the Marvel Universe just got his hands on the sword of a god! With the Asgardian weapon Dragonfang, Bullseye has the power to kill a god in a single stroke - and he's about to prove it. Jane Foster, the newly christened Valkyrie, must learn a hard lesson: Not every death can be prevented. Who is next on Bullseye's list - and what is the assassin really after?
  10. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #2 (Of 12) (Cover A Steve Lieber), $3.99
    (W) Matt Fraction (A/CA) Steve Lieber
    Only Jimmy Olsen knows what Superman's secret superpowers truly are-and now those mysteries will finally be shared with you! And only you. Don't tell anyone. And Jimmy won't have any of his pal's super-abilities to help him get out of his latest jam as he hits the dark and dirty streets of Gotham City!