He's Got Issues #203.3: Independent Comics, 10/10/18

Jon Cooney


Adventure Time Season 11#1 (Cover A Jorge Corona), $3.99

(W) Sonny Liew, Ted Anderson (A) Marina Julia (CA) Jorge Corona

Cartoon Network's award-winning animated series Adventure Time will conclude this fall with Season 10-but this October, KaBOOM! proudly continues telling the stories of Finn and Jake in a new Season 11 comic series!

In the aftermath of The Great Gum War, Finn, Jake and the entire land of Ooo begin to pick up the pieces with some new and unexpected friends.

Written by Eisner Award-winning writer Sonny Liew (The Art of Charlie Hock Chye) and illustrated by Marina Julia (Lumberjanes: Faire and Square), this is the only place fans can get new stories in the land of Ooo!

Amory Wars III Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV#12 (Of 12)(Cover A Rags Morales), $3.99

(W) Claudio Sanchez, Chondra Echert (A/CA) Rags Morales

Claudio and Ambellina's assembled army nears a victory against Wilhelm Ryan, while Chase enables the Crowing to face the Creator for the first time.

RuinWorld#4 (Of 5)(Cover A Derek Laufman), $3.99

(W) Derek Laufman (A/CA) Derek Laufman

With Rex's life hanging in the balance, the team must search out an old witch who lives in a swamp. There is only a small chance that they will end up unleashing the cursed soul of an ancient power in the process, so it will probably be fine.

Saban's Go Go Power Rangers#13 (Cover A Dan Mora), $3.99

(W) Ryan Parrott (A) Eleonora Carlini (CA) Dan Mora, Miguel Mercado

After the shocking conclusion of Shattered Grid , the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are still

picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa sets into motion a plan to retrieve an artifact that might be the key to besting Zordon and the Rangers once and for all...


Joe Golem Occult Detective The Drowning City#2 (Of 5), $3.99

(W) Mike Mignola, Chris Golden (A) Peter Bergting (CA) David Palumbo

As a madman's plot to pierce the veil between worlds brings the Drowning City ever closer to doom, Simon Church and Joe Golem race against time to find an ancient artifact before its power is used for evil. But even a golem may not be able to withstand the menace of the mysterious gas-men . . .

Quantum Age#3 (Cover A Wilfredo Torres), $3.99

(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Wilfredo Torres

Our heroes origins are revealed as team leader Archive V takes us from his technological birth to the breakup of the League, and a Black Hammer favorite makes a shocking return!

Ties directly into the Eisner-Award winning Black Hammer comic books series and is written by main writer Jeff Lemire.

She Could Fly#4, $4.99

(W) Christopher Cantwell (A/CA) Martin Morazzo

Luna's journey to get to the bottom of the Flying Woman's death finally comes to a head, just as EON-DEF, Chinese Intelligence, and the U.S. government encircle the Brewster household.

Will any of the family survive the encounter? And even if they do, will the stress of all this mentally break Luna once and for all?

The final chapter in the acclaimed series!


George R.R. Martin's A Clash Of Kings#13 (Cover A Mike S. Miller), $3.99

(W) George R. R. Martin, Landry Quinn Walker (A) Mel Rubi (CA) Mike S. Miller

George R.R. Martin's epic A Song of Ice and Fire series continues with this latest installment of A Clash of Kings!

Project Superpowers#3 (Cover A Francesco Mattina), $3.99

(W) Rob Williams (A) Sergio Davila (CA) Francesco Mattina

Flight is dead. The invasion has begun, a Project Superpowers team member has been killed and another is missing. Meanwhile, Amani gets a visitor in hospital. But is it the one she wants? If it's darkest before the dawn, this is midnight for the world. And Pandora wants his box. Can anyone stand in his way?

Red Sonja Tarzan#5 (Cover A Walter Geovani), $3.99

(W) Gail Simone (A/CA) Walter Geovani

The final showdown with Eson Duul looms ahead for Tarzan and Red Sonja. Their worlds and their people are at stake and it will take everything they have to stop a man who only wants to destroy everything he can!


Dread Gods#4 (Cover A Tom Raney), $3.99

(W) Ron Marz (A/CA) Tom Raney

As the Dread Gods crawl from the wreckage of their captivity, they find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by the cruel, all-powerful Prometheus! Now Lord Zeus and his companions realize that even if they manage to survive, their trials are not at an end, but only just beginning! Ron Marz and Tom Raney bring the first arc to a conclusion, paving the way for the rest of the Ominous Universe!

Impossible Incorporated#2 (Of 5)(Cover A Mike Cavallaro), $3.99

(W) J. M. DeMatteis (A/CA) Mike Cavallaro

While lost in the other-dimensional paradise called Conundropolis, teen genius Number Horowitz is reunited with her long-missing father, Goliath. Or is she? In a world where reality is plastic and perception is open to interpretation, how can she possibly be sure? Plus: the Impossible Inc. team faces the universe-devouring threat of the Time Termites!

Magica De Spell Giant Halloween Hex#1 (Cover A Francisco Rodriguez Peinado), $5.99

(W) Francesco Artibani, Lello Arena, Terry LaBan, Thad Komorowski (A) Giorgio Cavazzano, Terry LaBan (CA) Francisco Rodriguez Peinado

Magica De Spell's altogether spooky family is back in Duckburg for an extra-thick Halloween special! "The Gifts of the Gods!": Armed with hexes from ancient Rome, they're going to "help" Magica take Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin by storm-whether Magica likes it or not!

My Little Pony Nightmare Knights#1 (Cover A Tony Fleecs), $3.99

(W) Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Tony Fleecs

Powerless and threatened by a great evil, Princess Luna discovers she can't count on her sister or any of the usual heroes of Equestria. Running out of time and with nowhere to turn, Luna assembles a team specially suited to save the day... a team of former villains!

A brand new mini-series featuring former villains turned heroes!

A crazy caper story the likes of which My Little Pony has never seen!

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader's Castle#2 (Of 5)(Cover A Francesco Francavilla), $3.99

(W) Cavan Scott (A) Derek Charm, Kelly Jones (CA) Francesco Francavilla

Tales from Vader's Castle puts a spooky spin on your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away...

This exciting weekly series explores the hidden corners of the Star Wars universe and features Rebels stars Hear, Kanan, and Chopper; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku; Han Solo and Chewbacca; the Ewoks; and of course, Darth Vader -all under the shadow of Vader's Castle!

Fans will be excited to discover these creepy stories by fan-favorite writer Cavan Scott with art by the greatest talent from across the galaxy, including Derek Charm, Kelley Jones, Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell, Robert Hack, and Charles Paul Wilson III!

Covers by Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla! Collect all five!

Featuring your favorite Star Wars characters in classic spooky stories!

Tangled Hair-Raising Adventures#1 (Of 3)(Cover A Eduard Petrovich/Rosa La Barbera/Vita Efremova/Ekaterina Myshalova), $3.99

(W) Katie Cook (A) Diogo Saito (CA) Vita Efremova, Ekaterina Myshalova (A/CA) Eduard Petrovich, Rosa La Barbera

What new adventures await Rapunzel and her friends? Find out in an all-new series of Tangled: The Series! Every day in Corona brings something new for Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, and their friends, and with two tales guaranteed to please, you won't want to miss this first issue!

A brand-new three-issue series featuring stories written by fan-favorite Katie Cook starts with this issue!

Get ready for all-new adventures featuring Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, Pascal, Maximus, and more!

Each issue features an exclusive retailer incentive cover illustrated by artist Gabby Zapata!

Transformers Unicron#5 (Of 6)(Cover A Alex Milne), $4.99

(W) John Barber (A/CA) Alex Milne

THE END IS HERE! The Transformers bots make one last, desperate stand against Unicron, as Optimus Prime plunges deep into the monster-and into the dark history that spawned them both.

The final battle rages as Unicron attacks the Earth!

Jam-packed with guest stars in a battle for survival-but will anyone make it out alive?


Beauty#24 (Cover A Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi), $3.99

(W) Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley (A) Thomas Nachlik (CA) Jeremy Haun, Nick Filardi

With the holidays just around the corner, the Beauty Task Force works to close a brutal new case.

Birthright#32, $3.99

(W) Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley (A) Thomas Nachlik (CA) Jeremy Haun, Nick Filardi

With the holidays just around the corner, the Beauty Task Force works to close a brutal new case.

Bully Wars#2 (Cover A Aaron Conley), $3.99

(W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Aaron Conley

The Bully Wars are invitation-only, but with Spencer's help Rufus may have a real bully's way in. The pieces are coming together, but getting invited is just the first step. Training day has arrived!

Crowded#3 (Cover A Ro Stein/Ted Brandt/Triona Farrell), $3.99

(W) Christopher Sebela (A/CA) Ro Stein, Ted Brandt

Rebel Wilson has optioned the rights with the goal of starring in and producing the movie adaptation. Wilson will develop the project and produce it via her Camp Sugar production banner. Also producing is Oni Entertainment.

Circe and Trotter, two of the heaviest hitters in the private murder industry, have just landed in Los Angeles, looking for Charlie and eager to collect the almost two million dollar Reapr campaign on her life. Charlie, oblivious to the growing danger, tries to carry on her freewheeling lifestyle while under Vita's lock and key. But even their safest safehouse can't keep the fame-and-fortune-driven killers off their trail for too long.

Farmhand#4, $3.99

(W) Rob Guillory (A/CA) Rob Guillory

As the effects of the Jedidiah Seed ripple through Freetown, Andrea Jenkins is about to have the worst day ever. She'll be chastised and berated, and she'll punch at least three people by its end. Also: Zeke vs. Coyotes! Seriously!

Hey Kids Comics#3, $3.99

(W) Howard Chaykin (A/CA) Howard Chaykin

Betrayal. Triumph.

Sudden death.

No talent, but blind rage will do.

More adventures and intrigue drawn from real-world stories of the comic book business...

And if you want to know which are the closest to the truth, start with the most inexcusable people, exhibiting the lowest, most deplorable behavior... and work your way up from there.

Infinite Dark#1, $3.99

(W) Ryan Cady (A/CA) Andrea Mutti

The universe ended, but onboard the void station Orpheus, a skeleton crew of humanity survived: the last two thousand souls, waiting for a second big bang that may never come. Now, two years into their voyage, Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the station's first murder-and the otherworldly motives behind it.

Kick-Ass#8 (Cover A Marcelo Frusin), $3.99

(W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Marcelo Frusin

Kick-Ass is building her own army in New Mexico. But now her men are being captured and tortured for information, and Hector Santos will stop at nothing until Kick-Ass is unmasked. Can Patience keep her identity-and her family-safe?

Murder Falcon#1 (Cover A Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer), $3.99

(W) Daniel Warren Johnson (A/CA) Daniel Warren Johnson

From DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON, the creator of the Eisner-nominated series EXTREMITY, comes MURDER FALCON! The world is under attack by monsters, and Jake's life is falling apart: no band, no girl, no future... until he meets Murder Falcon. He was sent from The Heavy to destroy all evil, but he can't do it without Jake shredding up a storm. Now, with every chord Jake plays on his guitar, the power of metal fuels Murder Falcon into all-out kung fu fury on those that seek to conquer Earth.

It's time to shred!

Oblivion Song By Kirkman And De Felici#8, $3.99

(W) Robert Kirkman (A/CA) Lorenzo De Felici

Nathan Cole is reminded, once again, that actions have consequences.

Outpost Zero#4, $3.99

(W) Sean McKeever (A/CA) Alexandre Tefenkgi


With one friend dead, Alea confronts Sam about what really happened out there on the Frost... and the fallout will shake the Outpost's very foundation.

Rose#13 (Cover A Ig Guara), $3.99

(W) Meredith Finch (A/CA) Ig Guara


Reunited at last, Rose and her companions face off against the Fallen. Meanwhile, a betrayal from within creates a new threat to Ttereve's last Guardian.

Sleepless#8, $3.99

(W) Sarah Vaughn (A/CA) Leila Del Duca

Cyrenic must adjust to life without the Sleepless spell, while Poppy prepares for her wedding to the man she believes tried to kill her.

Unnatural#4 (Of 12)(Cover A Mirka Andolfo), $3.99

(W) Mirka Andolfo (A/CA) Mirka Andolfo


Murder, betrayal, blood, and a shocking truth: the first story arc of MIRKA ANDOLFO's dystopian tale concludes with a bang-and a few twists!

Weatherman#5 (Cover A Nathan Fox), $3.99

(W) Jody LeHeup (A/CA) Nathan Fox

Nathan Bright is in the clutches of the Pearl and the clock is ticking. Agent Cross must choose between her own desire for vengeance and protecting a man who, though drenched in the blood of billions, might still be innocent.


Ninja-K#12 (Cover A Kano), $3.99

(W) Christos Gage (A) Roberto De La Torre (CA) Kano

Catch me if you can!

With the fate of the Eternal Warrior hanging in the balance, Ninjak has tracked The Dying One - a being who reemerges in a new human body whenever they die - to a small town outside of Chernobyl. But Colin King is about to uncover secrets more unsettling than the loss of his friend Gilad... Abandoned in the wilds of the Russian wilderness, the world's most dangerous super-spy must now survive against an an unthinkable onslaught of science experiments from the twisted mind of his immortal foe!

"FALLOUT" continues as renowned writer Christos Gage (Netflix's Daredevil) and celebrated artist Roberto de la Torre (THE DEATH-DEFYING DOCTOR MIRAGE) lead a manhunt for the ages!