United States vs. Murder, Inc. (2018-) #3

Jon Cooney

United States vs. Murder, Inc. (2018-) #3 Written by Brian Michael Bendis Pencils Michael Avon Oeming Inks Michael Avon Oeming Colored by Taki Soma Cover by Michael Avon Oeming When the president of the United States puts her foot down against the five families, they task newly made Valentine Gallo and Jagger Rose to “take care of things.” That sounds like trouble to us!

In an alternative history set in a world where the five families of Murder, Inc. never gave up power, this sexy crime thriller takes you somewhere you’ve never seen in comics. From writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, the Eisner Award-winning creators of POWERS, comes another brand-new chapter of THE UNITED STATES VS. MURDER, INC.