Jon Cooney

Catwoman (2018-) #5 Written by Joelle Jones Pencils Joelle Jones Inks Joelle Jones Colored by Laura Allred Cover by Laura Allred Joelle Jones [Note: following is the solicitation for this issue, however I do not feel like it accurately describes the story from this particular book] A secret hideout is supposed to be just that—secret. So how did her new villain’s criminal crew know where to plant an explosive in Selina’s new pad? As if that blow-up weren’t bad enough, the cops come calling and arrest Selina for murder. Locked up without bail, Catwoman finds that she isn’t very popular in jail, and must fight the other inmates just to stay alive and avoid a shiv. Will she make a deal with her new nemesis, that cagey Creel, or is orange the new black for Selina’s foreseeable future?